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Wininup is a freelance company driven by innovation and new technologies.

We strongly believe that web technologies are the only standard that can run on any device. We help you think, prototype and build your project for all these devices.

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We provide you the a realist point of view of your needs, based on 15 years of web experience and about 150 projects done.


Performance was, is and will be the #1 focus.


Following our day-to-day web technologies monitoring and testing.

Tell us what you need. We will help you build it.

With more than 15 years of experience in developping web project, starting in 1998 with "perso" pages, from great institutional platform to the very last technology available in modern browsers, we experienced various configurations of projects.

We open technologies

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The world most used HTTP server

HTML5 logo

HTML5 is root language for all web projects

CSS3 logo

CSS open your creativity to infinity

JavaScript logo

JavaScript is the glue to connect and program web apps

JSON logo

JSON is the standard language for storing and exchanging your data

Chromium logo

Chromium is the open source project that enables all this web magic

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Nothing could have ever been possible without this combination

SASS logo

SASS/LESS preprocessors help in making the web easier to program

Firefox logo

Firefox is the perfect definition of the web

Cordova logo

Cordova help in making web native apps

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Nodejs revolutionize the way to create client/server apps

We do not support restrictive technologies or platform

We strongly believe in trust, privacy, openness and freedom ; our philosophy is to emphasis the use of long-term hardware, decentralized software logics, energy-saving systems, full-control systems and non-tracking tools.

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Apple ecosystem

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